styling / theming

Get the correct venue and now add that extra magic by theming and styling your event.

We have some great ideas on how to dress your venue to impress. We can give your event that creative sparkle by carefully listening to your goals and ideas for the evening, by bringing your initial ideas to life we know we will impress.

By offering you our creative proposal, we will show you how we can transform your venue into something very special.




To successfully theme any event or venue it is important to keep it simple and try not to be too subtle. It should be immediately obvious what the theme is, without having to provide too much further explanation. Within any given theme, there are certain signature pieces that should be always at the top of your list. A Moulin Rouge theme without the red windmill just isn’t the same!



Here at blue juice, we can provide a wide range of feature pieces and then offer ways of supplementing with appropriate dressing that compliments them, whatever your budget.









Effective lighting is often the difference between an average event and an outstanding one and should always be considered carefully. Here at blue juice we believe it is fundamental in creating the desired atmosphere, but must also be practical where required. Thought needs to be given to, direction, atmosphere, excitement, the venue, features, landscape and last but not least safety.






One of the simplest ways, and yet most effective ways of adding a bit of glamour to your event is by using table decorations, here at blue juice, we can provide vases, specialist glasses, candelabra’s, flowers, table centre and specialist lighting to make sure we get your event off on the right footing.