rockaoke at xmas parties

ROCKAOKE is always a big hit at Xmas parties where totally interactive, no holds barred fun for everyone is the key requirement. In 2013 alone, the band did Xmas parties for the likes of The Sun, Daily Mirror, Mercedes F1, RBS, Yahoo, Barclays Bank, 3 Mobile, Nando’s, Danone etc…

“It was an incredible success, and the buzz in the office this morning is still going from the memories of a fabulous party.” – Thomas Bateman, Creative Director, JML.

Xmas hosts will move amongst the tables to hand out ROCKAOKE Xmas song request sheets and pens and there will a collection point / podium for collation of songs. The band, dressed to impress for Xmas, will take part in a photo shoot with singers between sets and also at the end of the show.

As well as singing on stage with a live band, ROCKAOKE also offer Live Musical Bingo, Live Music Quiz and a full DJ service. Another option is ACOUSTAOKE where the band play at the party reception or move amongst the tables at dinner, encouraging their audience to sing-a-long and get into the party spirit. Plenty of musical fun to keep your party-goers on their feet all night!

ROCKAOKE Xmas Parties are as Christmas as can be from the moment you walk past the snow machine and through the door to be met by Santa’s welcome party.

As you move into the RECEPTION area, you are met by catering staff dressed in Xmas theme. Xmas music will be played as background music or optionally by a live act, and old B&W Xmas movies will be displayed on flat TV screens provided.

Santa will announce Dinner being served and party-goers move into the specially themed main Dining area. Live camera work would project on to big screens, capturing the event as it unfolds. Xmas background music will be played – with options for a live act or ACOUSTAOKE. Other options include a Xmas themed photo booth complete with dressing up area.

Pre filming of key staff is an additional option to be shown as VTs on the night adding an element of surprise. If it is an awards night type event, more opportunities are available – see AWARDS NIGHTS for more info. opportunities.