How it works

So how do we go about it?


Scene 1 – Before we film, we learn about you and your business, your products and all about your goals and objectives.




Scene 2 – We then gather the right people around the table, your team, our team and once assembled we prepare to move to scene 3.



Scene 3 – Through brainstorming we all add our creative thinking to develop a rough demo for consideration.




Idea On Monitors Showing Variety Of Thoughts And Inventions



Scene 4 – We then storyboard all our ideas making sure that all our ducks are in a row and agree that all our information gathered and creative thinking is included.





Scene 5 – Actors, voiceovers and visuals – Select the right approach, we decide whether or not to include voiceover, actors or maybe you, ensuring we portray the correct vsual message.





Scene 6 – Production – With film crew in place and mic switched on, strike the clapper board, let the camera roll.


Macro shot of the "Play" and "Record" buttons


Scene 7 – Playback and review – We then take a closer look together at our initial demo creating an opportunity to add, remove and suggest changes if required.



Team of construction workers working on a computer keyboard


Scene 8 – Enhance – We then make all the changes required, moving confidently to scene 9.






Scene 9 – Final Cut and ready to download – One last review and if we are all happy, let the show begin.


Check Mark On Monitors Showing Approved



Scene 10 – Audience appreciation – Stand back, applaud to a job well done.


Close-up of business people clapping hands. Business seminar concept